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Introducing the all-new Teradek Wave. The first-ever 5-in-1 smart live streaming monitor that combines encoding, smart event creation, network bonding*, multistreaming*, and recording – all on a 7” touchscreen IPS LCD display. Wave was designed to simplify the live streaming experience: to take live production challenges, and make them not-so-challenging. No matter the event. No matter the requirements. Now, you can do it all in one fluid motion.


wedding that needs a quick prep.
concert that needs a stable internet connection.
show that needs a multi-platform broadcast.
worship service that needs a recorded file of the sermon.
game that needs a daylight-viewable monitor.

Wave’s sleek form factor adapts to your needs. Use the included leg stands for tabletops, or mount Wave to your camera utilizing the top or bottom 1/4-20 mounting points for on-the-go streaming. Hot-swappable battery plates and USB-C connector allows for continuous power on long productions. Wave’s daylight-viewable monitor makes it easy to see what’s happening on the screen at any time of day, in any brightness.

Plus, with a subscription to Sharelink, Teradek’s cloud platform, you can keep a steady stream by splitting video bitrate across several internet connections. You can send your streams to multiple platforms at once. You can remotely manage your stream from anywhere in the world, and adjust your stream settings, destinations, and start/stop functionality using the Sharelink web interface.

Key Product Features
7” 1080p Monitor-Encoder
Watch your live productions in real-time on the same device you’re using for encoding.

Smart Event Creation with FlowOS
Prep multiple events ahead of time using Wave’s easy-to-use project workflow.

Network Bonding from Multiple Connections
Avoid mid-stream drops by bonding several internet connections together.

Multi-Destination Streaming
Send your live streams to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Wowza, and Custom RTMP(S) platforms simultaneously.

Hot-Swappable Power
Use hot-swappable batteries for continuous power, and USB-C for wired power.

Common workflows using Wave
Camera > Wave > Sharelink > (Youtube & Facebook)
Camera > Wave > Bonded Sharelink > (Youtube / Facebook)
Switcher > Wave to Ethernet > Sharelink > (Youtube / Facebook)

Camera > Wave > RTMP (Youtube or Facebook)
Camera > Wave > RTMP (Youtube / Facebook)
Switcher > Wave to Ethernet > RTMP (Youtube / Facebook)

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