Dynacore DDBC-TP Battery Charger

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DDBC-TP (For Dynacore DV-66S,Panasonic CGA-D16S/28S/54S)

DDBC-TP is a 2-channel charger designed for Panasonic CGA-D16S/28S/54S. It can charge two batteries simultaneously. With the DC OUT connector, an expanded DV-TF can be connected. So that it can realize 4 DV batteries fast charging simultaneously. It features with light weight, portability and fit to global power grid.

1.Connect the charger with adapter via DC IN connector.
2.The 2 LED lights turn on to indicate a charging state.
3.When the battery has a capacity up to 80%, the LED light turns to orange.
4.When it is fully charged, the LED light is green.
5.Connect an expanded DV-TF/TP via DC OUT connector to charge 4 batteries simultaneously.


Input AC 90V~240V/47Hz,DC 12-24V/3A(MAX)
Output Charging Current L: 1.0Ax1    0.5Ax2   /   H:1.5Ax1    0.8Ax2

Charger Output

Output Charging:16.8V,USB Output:5A 2A
Dimension 122 x 110 x 34mm


Approx 0.40Kg


Dynacore DV-66S,Panasonic CGA-D16S/28S/54S

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