Axel YouPlay Broadcast Player

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YOUPLAY SERVER is the smartest video player/recorder for TV production and Live programs.
Featuring play while rec functionality, it allows playout of multiple codec/format video files, playlists, instant replay and SloMo.

YOUPLAY SERVER is available in several configurations up to 4 bidirectional channels.

New tapeless workflow finds in YOUPLAY SERVER the cleverest way to playout and ingest video during live production: on-air video contributions for news, talk shows, sport and events coverage.



  • Multiple codec playout: DNxHD, XDCAM, DV, HDV, MOV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, H.264, DIVX, WMV, QuickTime and many more.
  • Drag & Drop media directly from Windows desktops and folders
  • Multi audio management
  • Add any clip at the very last second
  • Setting of playout parameters for playlist or single clip such as: play/stop on a still frame, loop all or loop just a single file etc..
  • Auto-import via watch folder: playlist automatically updates, checking new content within specific folder
  • Built-in instant keyboard: assign up to 12 video clips to hotkeys
  • Real-time mark-in and mark-out
  • Instant playback and slowmotion
  • Playlist creation, save and retrieve


  • User definable capture profiles
  • Real-time capture in HD/SD, DNxHD, MXF, XDCAM, AVI, H.263, H.264 and others…
  • Composite, Component, S-Video and SDI input, according to model config.
  • Manual capture
  • Metadata entry during capture for media classification
  • Field adjustment for interlaced video
  • Audio level adjustment


  • Virtually any video and file format compatibility
  • DV, HDV, DVCPRO, MJPEG, MPEG-2, TS, MPG, VOB, H.264, H.265, AV1, MP4, QuickTime, PRORES, DNxHD, AVI, WMV, ASF, MXF, XDCAM, IMX, GXF, LXF, FLV, MKV, WebM, HuffYUV, VP8, VC3, JPEG2000, DPX, in any resolution or framerate with automatic adaption
  • NVidia GPU decoding for H264 and H265
  • Automatic upscale, downscale, framerate adaptation and aspect ratio correction
  • CG overlay
  • Log files
  • As run log files
  • MarkIn and MarkOut management
  • Frame accurate loops
  • Slow motion also with RS422 and VDCP controllers
  • REC while PLAY (for specific formats) with endless MarkOut
  • Realtime Vertical and Horizontal Crop
  • Realtime field swap: top bottom progressive
  • Realtime aspect ratio correction mode: Letterbox, no letterbox, stretch
  • Realtime Mirror and rotate
  • Automatic load of last playlist at start-up
  • Advanced CG with clocks, tickers, rolls, crawls, bitmap animations, any video file format
  • All CG graphics as secondary events
  • GPI in/out with MOXA and JLCOOPER for play and stop commands
  • Ableton Launchpad hotkeys Free CG composing app for template creation
  • SDI preview output with OSD (timecode)
  • Free XTrimmer Quality control app with SDI/NDI output, metadata insertion and loudness
  • control
  • Watchfolder with GUI notification and 1 button load
  • Default behaviour for duration, stop mode, aspect ratio, fields swap and stretch mode
  • Automatic use of external audio files with same filename
  • Multiple channel control from main channel for play, stop, pause, rec and stoprec
  • Remote control of BMD ATEM and NEWTEK TRICASTER
  • MOS protocol for multiple channel gateway
  • Protocols supported : SONY RS422,VCDP RS422, VDCP TCP/IP, BMD HYPERDECK
  • Integration for 3rd party RS232 RS422 routing switchers
  • RESTAPI commands
  • SNMP MIB, TRAPS and Alerts
  • XMAM integration with drag and drop from web browser
  • Audio preview on windows audio
  • Audio master volume and single clip volume
  • Start time code can be modified for each clip
  • Simple scheduling tool for automatic playout

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