Axel Time Shifter TV

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Axel Technology’s TIME SHIFTER is a powerful automatic system that manages ingest and playback o TV transmission to be re-broadcasted with time delay.
All in 1 compact rackmount unit to easily create new channels (+1h,+2h … +24h, etc.) or to re-broadcast the transmission in different time zones.

TIME SHIFTER also features a high quality logo generator to add graphical content like station ID, clock and tickers.
The system is fully automated, no need of user intervention to produce new channels at zero costs.

Re-broadcast for different time zone
– Additional channels at zero production cost
– Automatic ingest and playback with time delay in real time
– User definable time delay: +1min, +1h, +2h … +24h and more
– Graphic insertion: Logo, clock, SMS, ticker, RSS feeds
– SDI & analog input/output
– SD/HD configurations available

– Radio Stations over digital channels
– Satellite uplink
– Cable networks
– Web Radio
– P.A and content distribution.High quality & fault tolerant system:
– Automatic filler in case of emergency (no input feed/signal).
– Internal RAID configuration according to customer’s storage needs.
– Broadcast audio quality with MP3 up to 320kbs recordings

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