Shopping online at Applix provides customers with a shopping experience where you can shop safely and conveniently, with complete confidence and trust in our brand. We also offer a range of niche equipment which cannot usually be purchased from local stores.

Some of our key offerings and features include:

  • Free delivery with all purchases, across South Africa.

  • Extensive and superior support - via phone, email and personally in-store.

  • Specialized company involved in the supply, installation and service of professional equipment.

  • 100% warranty on all products, with manufacturer support.

  •  Professional after sales services and technical expert assistance.

  •  Exclusive rights on various products and services, which we extend to you.

  •  All online transactions are digitally encrypted using the latest in technology.

  •  We never share your information with third parties.

  •  Multiple payment methods: Instant EFT, Rental Agreements, Credit Cards, Payment Gateways, Cash on Delivery or Collection.

  •  Quality is our priority, rather than the lowest price.

  •  Fully-equipped service centres whilst providing service support down to component level.

  •  We design studios and build specialized equipment to integrate audio and visual systems.

  •  We value every transaction and respect the individuality of each customer.

  •  Frequent and individualised updates according to customer preferences.

  •  Independent advice, ensuring that customers have the most appropriate and cost efficient solution for their requirements.