Applix specializes in camera repairs and services for the professional broadcasting industry.


Applix Repairs Centre

Camera Repairs:

Here at Applix, we have a combined 97 years of technical experience in the field of repairs on all makes and models of professional broadcasting cameras.

We offer a complete check, clean and adjustment service for disc, card, and tape formats.

We will include a detailed service report on all our services and repairs, so that you can have an accurate overview of what was done, and have the assurance that your camera will be in a perfect working condition.


Players & Recorders:

Any player or recorder can benefit from a professional service at times, not only to correct current issues but also to prevent possible damage and performance issues.

At Applix, we service and repair both analog and digital equipment. We work to optimise the performance and reliability of the machine, to extend its working life and give you value for years to come.

Broadcast Monitors:

Broadcast Monitors, regardless of type, should always display a clear and accurate picture. Whether you use this type of monitor for personal use, or as a business display, the quality of the image will make a huge difference in your watching experience. Applix’s calibration service includes all the checks and adjustments that are required for your monitor to display an accurate representation of your recording.


If you own a tripod, you can benefit from our service; we ensure that your tripod head’s pan and tilt movements are smooth, and this involves dismantling, cleaning, and lubricating all the parts and components. We also check the rest of the tripod, such as the leg brakes and spreader function. We have the skills and resources to repair and service all popular makes and models.


Service reports:

Applix includes a comprehensive service report, which can be used for insurance claims on equipment.

This serves to confirm what was done during the service, and that the camera was thoroughly checked before any repairs were done. This report is invaluable, especially if your camera suddenly failed on location, or picked up damage along the way.



Preventative Maintenance:

We offer a services called - Preventative Maintenance. This is essential in the pro-broadcast industry because equipment needs to be reliable and fully operational.

Applix will ensure your equipment by going through your equipment on a timely basis which accommodates your timing best, to ensure that all the essential parts are replaced before failure of the unit occurs. This will secure the longevity of the unit and quality of footage filmed.

Digital based cameras need to be checked head performance, as this is essential for them to be reliable and fully operational. These units have been designed with a circuitry that will correct minor recording or playback issues; often this circuitry stops working and this is when you might see blocking of recorded videos on playback. Preventative maintenance is recommended because damaged video can often not be repaired.

Preventative Maintenance saves you the time and moneys. Prevention is always better than cure.



Kindly contact us at for any specific service requests or repairs for pro-broadcast industry related equipment.