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Applix provides a wide variety of customized solutions for customers by incorporating technology, innovation, engineering, furniture manufacturing and professional design elements. These development processes ensure that the specific needs of every customer are met, and that they enjoy top quality after sales services from a dedicated team.

The partnerships we form with our customers have one goal in mind: to have a clear and precise vision for each project that results in a comprehensive and practical solution. We have project management teams that work closely with you on every project, evaluating your needs, challenges and expectations. We are flexible and efficient in our planning strategy, while simultaneously mobilizing our resources, in order to successfully meet our objectives.

At Applix, our processes are pioneering and we can ensure professionalism and reliable workmanship with every installation project. We would like to place emphasis on the following:

  • We use the most prestigious brands on the market;
  • We offer a complete guarantee and reliable after sales service;
  • All our products carry a complete manufacturer warranty;
  • Our staff members are fully trained and certified to work with our product range;
  • We provide comprehensive technical and call-out support;
  • We offer in-house electrical engineers and technicians;
  • We have a complete repairs facility on professional broadcast equipment;
  • We are committed to providing the best solution for your unique requirements; and
  • We provide complete technical training on completion of a project.

There are numerous benefits in having modern technology in your environment:

  • Reduces your running cost;
  • Improves your productivity;
  • Increases competitiveness in your industry;
  • Reduces your cost per unit;
  • Improves the quality of your service;
  • Reduces waste products; and
  • Reduces environmental damage.

Broadcasting and Live Streaming Solutions:

With over 40 years of leading edge technology in Africa, and over 100 years of accumulated experience in the broadcast and telecommunication industry, Applix offer a turnkey operation that will achieve your end objectives. Our objective is to make you a successful broadcaster within your time and budget frames.

We have up to date built, designed and installed more than 1600 studios and facilities.Herewith a short list of some of the companies: Urban Brew, VWV Group, Orchestra Blue, Sonneblom studios, Omage,  Learning Channel (SABC), Foghound Studios, Mindspace, Sonovision Studios, Rhema TV etc.

Applix is a supplier of: Panasonic, Yamaha, NewTek, Teradek, Sennheiser, Apple, Kramer, Astroscope, Swit batteries + chargers, and many more.



Under the banner of Armand Claassens, our team of experts offers a range of services to our clients from the mundane to the magnificent. In exploratory stages, our clients often utilize our Consultative Services. We provide workflow analysis and recommendations, facility programming assistance, architectural coordination and space use planning. 

As a project begins to take shape our Design Services are employed as we follow our exclusive four step facility and system design process which includes the Project Charter, Functional Requirements Analysis, Conceptual Schematics and Detailed Construction Design.  

With a solid plan in place, our 40 plus years of Systems Integration Services experience is on display. From procurement of equipment and inventory management, cable and racks prefabrication, on site assembly and installation, to test, check-out, commissioning, orientation and training, our team members are working for your ultimate success. 

Because a completed build-out is only the beginning for you, we offer a wide range of Support Services.  This begins with the delivery of accurate as-built drawings and carries through to on-site launch support, equipment repair and replacement agreements and our on-call and on-site engineering and maintenance support contracts.


Key Offerings of Applix Solutions:


• Agents for international broadcast equipment suppliers

• Turnkey project implementation

• Consultants to the broadcast industry

• After sales service and maintenance

• Training

• Supply of studio and transmitter equipment

• Construction of radio and TV studios and transmitter stations

• Coverage prediction studies and site surveys

• Fixed and portable satellite and microwave links

• OB, studio and post production facilities


Please call us on Johannesburg +27 (0)11 706 7081, or Email Us for any assistance and it will be a pleasure to assist you!


Financing for Your Project

Applix offers a financing opportunity for customers, allowing you to enjoy the perfect solution for your needs, without a large initial investment. This is a convenient way of payment; Applix will provide the financing needed for your project, which will be repayable over a specific period of time. This will benefit any business’ cash flow solution and serves as a deductible expense for tax purposes.

Some advantages of using the rental option to finance your solution:

  • Rentals are fully tax deductible
  • “Off balance sheet” rentals may be structured, and may be shown as an operating expense thus improving gearing ratios. This provides an advantage to foreign owned companies
  • Rentals avoid capital expenditure approvals
  • No deposit required, thus reducing your outlay
  • Monthly rentals can be reduced by use of annual escalations of up to 15% thereby increasing your immediate cash flow
  • You can upgrade your equipment during the contract, thereby providing flexibility to change as technology improves or as the company outgrows the equipment