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Bright Clear Image Quality.
Wireless & Network Capability
Low Powwer Consumption

Display Functions

Compliance with PJLink™

Compliance with PJLink Class 1 enables remote control and monitoring of LFB70 and LFC70 series displays within a wider network of PJLink-compatible AV components of any brand. Incorporating these displays into an existing system via the local network is seamless and cost effective.

 Picture-in-Picture Capability

 Picture-in-Picture functions offer the versatility to display images from multiple input sources on the same screen. Documents, videos, and stills can be displayed full-screen with a sub-window showing content from a different source.

 Note: Writing and drawing on sub screen in not available. Miracast・and Memory Viewer do not support Picture-in-Picture capability.

The following input combinations are not available: 
• HDMI, DVI, DIGITAL LINK, Component, and PC
• Whiteboard and Panasonic Application

 1:1 Pixel Mode

 The 1:1 Pixel mode maps the 1920 × 1080 video content to full-HD panel pixels to display 100% of the original content. By skipping the scaling process, this mode is able to produce high-definition images in their original, 1:1 pixel form.

 * Compatible signal format: 1,125/50i, 60i, 24sF, 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p, 1,250/50i

 4x Digital Zoom

 This function lets you enlarge a portion of an image up to four times its normal size and display it on the full screen. This function can help give presentations greater impact.

• Digital Zoom does not work in Multi Display or Dual Picture mode. 
• Some degradation occurs when images are enlarged.

Failover Input

 When there is no signal, the specified input signal is automatically switched.

 Energy-Saving Functions

 Various functions are provided to save energy. This is especially beneficial when the unit spends a long period of time in standby condition.

 • Power Management

Power is automatically turned on or off in response to a sync signal from the equipment connected to the built-in PC* input terminal.

 • PC/DV-I Power Management

The sync signal for equipment connected to the DVI-D or PC*1 input terminal is detected, and the power is automatically turned on or off.

 • No Signal Power Off

When a device is connected to the function slot and there is no sync signal for approximately 10 minutes, the power is automatically turned off.

 * DPMS compliant.

Tamper Resistance

• Input Lock
Locks the input switch operation.

• Button Lock
Restricts the button operations for the display.

Manufacturer PANASONIC
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