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Durable, All-Weather LCD Display with Highly Visible Images Even in Direct Sunlight:

  • 1000 cd/m2 of Brightness - High Visibility in Bright Places

  • Forced Air Cooling System - Usable Under Direct Sunlight

  • DIGITAL LINK ( Single Cable Solution ) - System Expandability

High Brightness (1,000 cd/m2) for Easy-to-See Images Even in Sunlight:

Images are clear even in brightly lit places. Full 1,000 cd/m2brightness maintains excellent visibility under direct sunlight. This makes the LFX ideal for installation in drive-through lanes. And because the brightness isn't affected by external light, information such as menu items and prices remain clear and easy to read.

The IPS panel makes it easy to read from any position:

The IPS panel displays clear images, and colors appear unchanged even when the image is viewed from an angle top or bottom, right or left. It provides accurate information to many people in a large place such as a public facility.


Air-Cooling System Strongly Resists Dust, Water and Direct Sunlight:

Forced Air-Cooling System for Blackout Prevention

Outside air is brought into the cabinet to produce an airflow between the front glass and the LCD panel. This suppresses internal temperature rises and prevents blackouts when the display is installed outdoors. It also serves as a countermeasure against condensation.

Blackouts Occur:

When direct sunlight continuously hits the screen and the temperature of the LCD panel rises, the liquid crystal molecules stop operating normally and a blackout condition occurs that leaves the screen totally dark.

*Operates under an ambient temperature of -20°C to 40°C.

No Change:

The forced air cooling system suppresses internal temperature rises to prevent blackouts.

Robust Operation Even Under Adverse Conditions

Aluminum Cabinet and Tempered Glass Adoption

The aluminum cabinet adopts a structure that resists corrosion. In addition, the tempered glass provides strong resistance to impacts.
The display can be used in public places, stations, stores, factories, etc., without a protective cover.

Tamper Resistance:

A user hole is provided for the installation of a cover for the power and signal cables. This prevents vandalism for displays installed outdoors, such as cable cutting.

Dust and Water Resistant for Outdoor Installation

The Dust and Water Resistant Equivalent to IP44

The panel can be installed in harsh conditions with rain, wind or dust, and can be used without a protective cover.


Transmission of Video, Audio and Control Signals for up to 100 m [328.1 ft] with a Single LAN Cable*1.

Only a single LAN cable is required to transmit uncompressed HD video, audio and control signals for a distance of up to 100 m [328.1 ft]. This enables indoor installation of the PC and other devices connected to the display at an outdoor location in order to protect the PC and devices from rain and dust. Since only one cable needs to be connected between the PC and panel, cable routing work is quick and easy.
Because a control signal can also be sent simultaneously, it is easy to upgrade the system by combining it with the optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box.

*1: Use an STP cable of CAT5e or higher.
*2: WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixcel) compatible.

Remote Display Monitoring

The display can be monitored over a network for temperature, filter clogging, etc. This enables prompt response should an equipment malfunction occur.

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