Panasonic 47" Full HD Professional LCD Display

  • Panasonic 47" Full HD Professional LCD Display
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Panasonic 47" 5-Series, 500cd/m2, 1080P Moving Resolution, 1200:1 Contrast, HDMI, DVI, Composite, Component, PC, RS232 no speakers

Standard Models for Crisp, Clear Information Transmission in Public Spaces

Full HD PID* Panel – Optimal for Signage Applications

Optimal Utility for Signage Use

Stylish and Energy-Saving Design

Product Features:

Bright, Full HD (1920 x 1080) Professional LCD Display

Versatile Functions for Public Information Displays

In addition to the high resolution of Full-HD and the wide viewing angle of the IPS panel, the LF5 Series features 500-cd/m2 brightness and 9-ms response. This makes it possible to display crisp, clear images even in bright places, for signage with excellent information transmission performance.

Wide Viewing Angle for Sharper Images

The IPS panel has a wide viewing angle, so colors don’t change when the image is viewed from right or left angles. Information can be accurately relayed to groups of people in large areas, like public spaces.

Flexible, Vertical Installation

The display can be installed either horizontally or vertically to match the content and installation location without being affected by “Mura” (unevenness). This is because the display has relatively uniform pressure distribution as compared to a TV panel, which results in far better stability. Regardless of the installation direction, the lamp life stays the same since a constant operating temperature is maintained.

Optimal Utility for Signage Use

Capable of Continuous, 24-Hour Operation*

Long-life components are incorporated in anticipation of use in harsh environments. This enables continuous, stable, 24-hour operation.
It also makes this long-term, clear display ideal for signage use in public spaces such as airports and train stations. *Continuous 24-hour operation may cause image retention or other problems in the LCD screen, depending on the display content.

Input Search Function

If the input signal is not detected for some reason, another input with a signal is automatically selected for reliable operation. The display will not remain in a no-signal condition, making it well suited to signage use that produces advertising revenue.
Dust-Resistant, Fanless Design While raising heat dissipation efficiency, the unique Panasonic fanless design resists dust entry and lowers operating noise. Dust particles are not sucked inside, so the display can be installed just about anywhere.
Stylish and Energy Saving Design

Narrow bezel and multi display

The bezel on the TH-47LF5 is only 18.6 mm (0.73 inches) wide. It is a most suitable model for multi screen display. The video image and graphics can be displayed in greatly by using two or more displays. The effect of the digital signage a high noteworthy level is achieved by decorating the wall with the video image.

Manufacturer PANASONIC
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