LiveGlass - Turn any glass into an interactive display

Bring Your Brand To Life with LiveGlass™.

Turn any piece of glass or TV into an interactive display instantly and maximize your advertising space. 

Until now, shoppers had few options to leverage technology in malls. Instead, they were limited to the use of static, physical mall directories, and brochures to guide their shopping experience.

Now LiveGlass enables shoppers to immediately find what they are looking for. LiveGlass makes display innovation and product differentiation possible. It is revolutionizing the retail industry as it creates physical consumer engagement and displays sales and promotions to help boost product/service awareness. LiveGlass scales to any size and your product presentation is only limited by your imagination. 

LiveGlass gives you the ability to display an array of software from any application, to a website to a simple catalog. This allows owners to have the ability to customize their storefront and glass space effortlessly with a click of the button.

Why stay static when you can bring your store to life?

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