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All in one broadcast playout, scheduling, recording, trimming, routing and failover recovery
Multiple formats playout HD-SD with automatic video up/down scaling
Multiple codecs playout in the same playlist: Dv, HDV, Mpeg-2, DVD, DIVX, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-1, H.264, WMV, MXF, QuickTime etc. with resolutions and framerates automatic adaption
Direct file playout from NLE
Multichannel and high availability configurations
Automatic control of delays/advance on playlist and filler managing
Live source full handling inside the playlist: from VTR, Switcher, GPI to Cart Machine
Clip trimming and metadata insertion for EPG or graphic contents
Fast, powerful, reliable and maintenance free


XTV Suite is a professional complete set of software tools for TV stations which manages from video capture, trimming, scheduling to playout.
Completely automatic and unattended efficiency 24/7.

XTV is perfect for TV stations, Satellite Channels, Cable TV, News Room, Web TV, CCTV, Corporate TV, Presentation, hotel pay tv channels, museums info channels and video wall display, which can take advantages of its user friendly interface.
At the same time, multi-channel tv stations and tv networks can enjoy XTV's scalable structure and universal file compatibility.

XTV is designed to achieve a true 'universal format' compatibility and provides broadcasters a powerful tool which can virtually play all media format from any source or feed.
XTV ties together all production departments allowing direct playout of DV, HDV, MPEG-2, DVD, DIVX, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, MPEG-1, H.264, QuickTime, MXF, etc., in any resolution or framerate with automatic adaption.


Media Compatibility and multiformat benefits:
XTV plays out any kind of media in any resolution: DV, HDV, MPEG-2, DVD, DIVX, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, MPEG-1, H.264, QuickTime, MXF, etc.
XTV allows to adopt and mix any media format according to broadcaster's production workflow and pros and cons of each AV codec.
Hardware Compatibility:
VGA, BlackMagic, Aja, Blufish, DV FireWire 1394, IP streaming or any windows DirectShow device.
Dynamic Playlist: 
Real time playlist management without black frames nor freezes.
Advanced Scheduler:
Unlimited playlist length with automatic clip skipping and cutting when late.
Duration stretching when ahead of time. Sequence loop. Automatic filler insertion for gap handling.
Log Report:
Status and playout logging, with XML export for easy processing and printing.
No Database:
Metadata is saved directly into media file, allowing file rename, copying and moving.

XPlayout: multiple format engine
- Designed for automatic 24/7 operativity
- Userfriendly interface and no specific training required
- Output on PAL/NTSC - SD/HD video and streaming over IP in the highest broadcast quality
- Dynamic playlist management for last minute changes
- Instantly play files from any NLE system
- Cg engine and editor for graphic overlays such as: logo, texts, clock, crawls, rolls, images, swf with dynamic text
XCapture: easily ingest in multiple format with advanced features
- Real time capture in multiple formats selectable from DV to DIVX or MPEG
- Manual ingest or time scheduled capture for automated operations
XScheduler: offline playlist editor
- Playlist management and editing
- Clip insertion by gender: spots, promos, movies, video clips, news, etc.
- Advanced features: text search, cut, copy, paste, replace, multi selection editing, printing, exporting, undo/redo, drag & drop from clip explorer/browser
XTrimmer: metadata media editor
- Offline Media Editor for metadata entry and clip splitting/segmenting
- Clip ID entry: name, category, notes, subclip, duration, mark in, mark out and reference image
- Clip splitting for advertisement breaks insertion.

Manufacturer AXEL
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